Author: Aidan Green

  • Book review “this is service design thinking”

    When I started reading this book I had only just been introduced to the coined term Service Design. I was seeking to understand what was generally expected and what approach was generally taken in Service Design.  To help me grasp the overall concepts and get an understanding of how other service designers approach their jobs, help this […]

  • Book review Who moved my cheese – change management

    This is a simple story that reveals some truths on how we react to change. As the story unfolds you can relate and see in others how they are playing out the story in their own reactions to change. This great thing about the story is that you could attempt to explain all the lessons […]

  • Simple truths of service

    From the book The Simple Truths of Service, please enjoy a story by Mac Anderson called “Inspired by Johnny the Bagger®”: Barbara Glanz is a friend of mine who is a speaker and author. A few years ago, she spoke at a convention for a large grocery chain with over 3,000 people attending. Her talk […]

  • Driving action in the enterprise with a closed loop process

    Front line employees need the information to improve the customer expereience one customer at a time. The old way of providing a procedure to a low skill front line employee and asking them to follow it, is over. Why? Because for a business to succeed today it needs to be remarkable, asking somebody to follow […]

  • Video Insights from top companies using the Net Promoter Score

    Its been a few months now using the net promoter score for my customer experience management, and the list of videos on the Satmetrix website really hit the nail on the head for what i’ve seen as being important factors in building customer loyalty. One of the video’s by Chris Askew from Lenovo really hit […]

  • Book review “Free” by Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson’s book “Free: How Today’s Smartest Businesses Profit by Giving Something for Nothing” explores the history of free business models, showing its not a new concept created by the internet, and articulates a number of free business models which are used today. An example of some of the content includes an explanation of each […]

  • Book review Linchpin by Seth Godin

    After reading purple cow, I was keen to see what was in store for linchpin, but was disappointed. I could see how people who follow the system by going to work and following the rules realy need this book and could be enlightened by the repetition of his message. But there are only so many […]

  • The Toyota Way

    A book called “The Toyota Way” by Jeffrey Liker This was an amazing book, it had me quoting to friends and jotting down ideas on how I could apply the principals to my own team but importantly got great results when applied. I’m writing this a few months out of reading it, and seeing the […]

  • 3D Graphics Showreel

    Computer Graphics is allot of fun, and its great to see it all come together in a video but this 2 minutes was a culmination of 12months of learning 3D studio Max, advice college and commercial projects. scene list: In game (unreal tournament) visualisation of 36 town houses and multi story building (thesis study) Minimalistic re interpretation […]

  • BA Hons Thesis Presentation – What is the most effective method for communicating an architectural visualisation in the development application phase

    Bachelor of Arts Honsors Thesis Presentation – 2004 SAE Institue & Middlesex University – 1st Class Hons Question: What is the most effective method for communicating an architectural visualisation in the development application phase Statement: Exploration and critical analysis of methods for communicating an architectural visualisation A blast from the past, i had this dusty […]