3D Graphics Showreel

Computer Graphics is allot of fun, and its great to see it all come together in a video but this 2 minutes was a culmination of 12months of learning 3D studio Max, advice college and commercial projects.

scene list:

  1. In game (unreal tournament) visualisation of 36 town houses and multi story building (thesis study)
  2. Minimalistic re interpretation of pantheon (arty)
  3. Donkey kong going rampid on a city street (animation)
  4. Hologram in botanical gardens (green screening)
  5. Interior Architectural Visualisation
  6. 3D skater in real video environment (camera matching & matt shaddow)
  7. extreem close up of eye (reflection composition)
  8. red cells and tadpoles (medical visualisation for drug company)