Video Insights from top companies using the Net Promoter Score

Its been a few months now using the net promoter score for my customer experience management, and the list of videos on the Satmetrix website really hit the nail on the head for what i’ve seen as being important factors in building customer loyalty.

One of the video’s by Chris Askew from Lenovo really hit home, he explained his frustration for the word “satisfaction” as it implies being just ok at customer service is satisfactory (accepted). In so many companies this is the case and the aim is only ever for “good” service or satisfied customers, usually only concentrating on answering the phones in an acceptable amount of time, or the issue being resolved, why not delighted customers, or remarkable service.

I experienced this frustration in the early stages of socialising the idea of using NPS. There was a common acceptance of aiming for good customer service. To be successful in todays competitive market, you need to be remarkable. Aiming high will be what grows the business. Being ok at what you do is not going to get your customers telling their friends how “ok” your service was; In fact it will turn others away.

Check out the video its half way down the page:

Chris Askew, SVP Worldwide Services, Lenovo, shares key success factors and performance results from Lenovo’s Net Promoter-based customer experience program. (Net Promoter Conference 2009)