October 2011

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What does it feel like to be wrong… It feels like being right


I was watching a TED presentation on being wrong, and liked the road runner analogy used. Basically what it feels like to be wrong is like in Loony Toons where the coyote chases the road runner right off the cliff, but the coyote keeps running in the air until he realises he is in the air. He then falls. […]

Keynote Speaker Richard Buchanan at Service Design Conference 2011


Yesterday at Service Design Conference 2011 in San Francisco the closing keynote speaker Richard Buchanan was fantastic. It was interesting to hear his view that Management is a design practice and that Service design is an emergent practice, viagra sale not a novelty. He also gave the group a bit of tough love, drugs by […]

What is service design


I’ve read quite a few definitions, and thought i’d start putting them back up here for reference, the below video i thought was a great introduction: Service Design Network, Learn Basics Page:   SDN national conference Paris 2011_Birgit Mager from sdnetwork on Vimeo. Within Service Design, Service Interfaces are designed for intangible products that are, […]

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