People ignore design that ignores people.


I.M.Pei Learning from light, inspiration for UI Design


I watched on ABC iview last night a documentary on I.M.Pei Learning from light and one part stood out for me in with Pei’s absolute obsession with the sunlight lit building and the geometric facets which make the building interesting. With a history in 3D art i’ve experienced weeks on end adjusting lighting systems to […]

Top picks for webfont icon sets


I’ve been using webfonts in my software designs for a while now, and finding it really speeds up the design and build process and allows me to distribute the icons and icon updates across my design files, multiple web browsers, resolutions (no retina images) and embedded across multiple Mobile¬†environments¬†(Android and iOs) all with the same […]

Keeping an eye on sales


I was asked to design up a screen where store staff could go to download a report of sales, viagra but who the hell has time for that, medicine instead this widget is included on the operators dashboard so they can passively consume the sales data and all know the numbers. Love bringing lean startup […]

Home Page Design Officeworks Print and Copy


This design is for the home page of Officeworks Print and Copy online offer. This was an exciting project where we were able to re categorise and re productise the offers as part of the re design, page a few month after launch sales dramatically increased and¬†continued¬†to climb so was a great success. Previously this […]

What does it feel like to be wrong… It feels like being right


I was watching a TED presentation on being wrong, and liked the road runner analogy used. Basically what it feels like to be wrong is¬†like¬†in Loony Toons where the coyote chases the road runner right off the cliff, but the¬†coyote¬†keeps running in the air until he realises he is in the air. He then falls. […]

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